Killing Conflict with Dangerous Love – Chad Ford

    Chad Ford A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Killing Conflict with Dangerous Love - Chad Ford on A New Direction with Jay IzsoConflict is something we all face.  It comes in many different forms, and the truth is it makes us all uncomfortable.  At the heart of conflict is the fact that one party is not getting what they want and the other party is not getting what they want.  We basically turn our backs to each other, we talk about the other party behind their back, we gather allies to support our position and the conflict spiral only gets bigger.  Then comes the point that while in our conflict with the other person or group we no longer see them as people but we see them as an object.  They lose their humanity and become an “it”.  And when that happens getting rid of, or dare we say killing conflict is no longer easy.  For many of us we go into conflict avoidance mode hoping that it will resolve itself, but the truth is avoidance is based on fear.  And one fear for certain is that if we move first, we become vulnerable and we create a narrative that we will be taken advantage of and the fear of conflict keeps us from ultimate reconciliation.

    In this episode of A New Direction Author and International Mediator (Yes, former NBA analyst at ESPN) helps break the chains of conflict with his outstanding book Chad Ford entitled “Dangerous Love“.  When we think of the word “love” we think of being soft, passive, giving in, weakness, and being run over.  Dangerous Love is nothing like it.  When Chad Ford talks Dangerous Love he is talking a type of love that requires courage, that requires action, but ultimately requires us to see people as in “it” or “object” to a human who too is also suffering.  Is it risky, you bet!  Does it put you there, absolutely!  But in his research and experience it is the most effective way to not only overcome the conflict, but kill it, to the point reconciliation which the goal of getting past our conflict.  Great Read! Get yours today!

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