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    Productivity - Debbie Rosemont A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Debbie Rosemont - Productivity Expert on A New Direction with Jay IzsoCould you be more productive?  The answer is simply “yes”.  The fact is there are things in our personal and professional lives that we could be doing differently that could make us more efficient and productive.  When we think of productivity so often we think of organization.  Yes, organization is important but productivity is more than organization.  Sometimes our productivity is affected by our environment, distractions, notifications, having bad habits, an inability to focus, or simply not knowing what tools are available to help us become more productive.  Thankfully Productivity Expert and Author Debbie Rosemont joins us on this episode of A New Direction to help you and I with our productivity.

    Productivity Expert and Author Debbie Rosemont - Six Word Lessons to Be More ProductiveAs Debbie will point out to us being more productive starts with our “why”.  That is why do you want to be more productive?  What will the end look like?  And what is your motivator for productivity, more revenue, retaining your employees, spending more time with family, or just doing some thing you want to do?  Debbie Rosemont’s book Six-Word Lessons to Be More Productive is one of those practical quick reads that will challenge you and at the same time change you.  With 100 lessons, Debbie talks about everything from dealing with clutter, to finding the right paper, to email, to when to have meetings and what the agenda should be.  Get your copy of Six-Word Lessons to be more Productive and also Debbie has provided other valuable resources for you to take advantage of:

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