If You are an Average Person You Will Not Be Verified…Twitter isn’t for the General Public

    In light of Twitter’s IPO announcement, and early Wall Street Success.  I thought it appropriate for my readers most of which according to my statistics are not avid Twitter users, have some understanding about who Twitter is focused on.

    Again, I like Twitter.  I use it, even though it has never given me one single piece of business.  Why do I use it then you ask?  The Tweets are indexed by the search engines, it is another form of branding, and I can search for information those are my reasons.  However, I have to tell you that I have been on Twitter nearly from the beginning, it has not been an easy journey.  It has taken years to get followers, timeless hours picking the right people to follow, and for no return other than what I mentioned.

    It all comes down to understand the limitation of Twitter and that is this: Twitter is not really meant for the average person.  The more you dig, you begin to realize that Twitter is really meant for the celebrities not for the general public.  Why do I say this?  I have several reasons, but one I stumbled upon comes from Twitters Verified Accounts.

    What are Twitter Verified Accounts?


    Twitter Verified Accounts.  Who are the people that get verified accounts?  You will more than likely not be one of them.  Twitter Verification is for a very a particular group of people, and you and I and the vast majority of the world will not be Twitter verified.  According to Twitter here is who gets verified.

    What kinds of accounts get verified?

    Twitter proactively verifies accounts on an ongoing basis to make it easier for users to find who they’re looking for.  We concentrate on highly sought users in music, acting, fashion, government, politics, religion, journalism, media, advertising, business, and other key interest areas. We are constantly updating our requirements for verification. Note, verification does not factor in follower count or Tweet count.
    We do not accept requests for verification from the general public. If you fall under one of the above categories and your Twitter account meets our qualifications for verification, we may reach out to you in the future.
    What is Twitter Really Saying?

    First of all check your Id and Ego at the door.  It is not going to be you.  If you are a part of the general public you will not have a verified Twitter account.  This is why Twitter is really not for the general public.  It is for the famous.  So why I have gone to all this trouble?  Because despite every thing you will hear about how great Twitter is for a small local business…you are insignificant to them.  Furthermore, it matter not how many followers you have, if you want to be someone on Twitter, you better be someone in life.  Meaning you better be famous.

    Twitter is and has become about the celebrity status.  Very few if any of your small business customers, prospects, and clients are using it.  As a matter of fact if you are a small to medium size business you will find that more then likely 1 out 8 have an account, but far less than that many of your clients and customers actually use it on a regular basis.

    Why?  There are several reasons why in my research most clients are not using it.  The biggest reason that has been brought to my attention over and over again, it is not very relational.  Psychological humans have a need to connect.  Twitter is about broadcasting not so much about relationship building.  After all it is difficult to build a relationship in 140 characters.


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