How to Take Any Idea and Make it Successful in 5 Steps

    Will Russell Launch in 5 - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso
    How to Take Any Idea and Make it Successful in 5 Steps
    Launching Your Enterprise idea in 5: Will Russell on A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoThere is no doubt that when it comes to starting a business or just a business idea, there are many challenges. The one we concern ourselves the most is money. However, before you think about money have you considered who will buy your product or service? How do you get people to know about your business before you business even begins? The fact is you need a business strategy to improve your success in the most economic, efficient, and painless way possible.
    Meet Will Russell founder of Russell Marketing. He has helped generate more than $20 million in revenue for 300+ companies. And he joins us on this episode of A New Direction to give you his 5 step process that will take your business idea from lightbulb moment to profitable business in record time. From his book Launch in 5.

    Launch in 5 by Will Russell - Audiobook - Audible.comWill Russell‘s book, “Launch in 5: Take Your Idea from Lightbulb Moment to Profitable Business in Record Time” is a complete and total blueprint that will help you understand first if you idea should even go to market.  Then once you have done all your research, he walks you through customer acquisition.  Then How to engage your audience.  Followed by how to convert your audience into customers.  Then finally how to scale and optimize your business after launch.

    The truth is however none of this is going to work if you are not real clear on validating your idea.  And this is where spend most of our focus on the show.  As Will told me after the show, “validation of your idea is like a GPS, without it your either guessing how your idea will work, or just getting lucky”.  The fact is you need to make sure you have done your homework before you launch.  It doesn’t take that much time, but it is time well spent.  Get Launch in 5 it is truly a game changer.


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