How Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive

    How Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive

    Dea Irby - CLAIM Your People at Work: How Inclusive Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive - A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoLet’s be honest. We have seen more and more employees simply quit the workplace. Other employees are just doing enough to get a paycheck and disappear otherwise known as the “quiet quitter”. Research has demonstrated clearly that employee quitting costs companies across the U.S. between $450 and $500 Billion annually. What can you do about it as a leader?

    In this episode of A New Direction, we talk with award winning author and team expert Dea Irby. Dea, takes us through her 5 faceted system of re-engaging your employees through C.L.A.I.M. As a leader it is going to require you become more intentional when it comes to your employees.  But intention is not enough you also need to take action to make your business and team more engaged and more productive.

    Let me also say that this show is not just for those who are leaders of employees.  This show is also for employees too.  Friends listen carefully because you want to find a place of employment that employees these 5 facets.  You want to be in a place where you feel “Chosen, Loved, Acknowledged, Invested In, and Made for Greatness.

    CLAIM Your People at Work: How Inclusive Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive by Dea Irby, Paperback | Barnes & Noble®Dea Irby‘s book, “CLAIM Your People at Work: How Inclusive Leaders Keep Their Employees Engaged and Productive“, is a well researched book.  The principles or as Dea names them, “facets” are integrally intwined in so much that they build on each other.  These qualities in a workplace are not only necessary in today’s working world, but they are crucial for today’s employees.  It’s time to CLAIM your people!

    In addition, Dea, would like to give you for FREE her guide on “3 Strategies for Yawn Free Meetings“.  You can click on it right here!

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