Holiday De-stress: Organizing Your Business and You

    Debbie Rosemont Holiday Organization and Productivity A New Direction with Jay Izso

     Debbie Rosemont - Organization for the HolidaysAs we are in the very beginnings of the holiday season things can get pretty chaotic.  As great as the Holidays are or can be the stress can be overwhelming.  We all get caught up into having to put up decorations, making travel plans, making menus, gift buying and the list just gets longer.  But it isn’t only our personal life that is affected.  Quite frankly all of our businesses become affected too.  Our employees get the holiday distracted.  The motivation level is not the same.  For some places they are brining back the company Christmas parties and of course the New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day gatherings.  The fact is the Holidays can create chaos and we need a way to help us better manage it and de-stress the Holidays.  And that is why we bring back Productivity Consultant & Certified Professional Organizer Debbie Rosemont on this episode of A New Direction.

    Debbie Rosemont - Organization for the HolidaysDebbie Rosemont’s best selling book Six-Word Lessons to Be More Productive: 100 Six-Word Lessons to Increase Your Focus, Organization and Productivity is a great quick read that will help you become more productive in both your life and business, but in this show she gives productivity and organizational tips for the holidays.  The show is mixed with both useful information that you can apply right now and as the holiday season goes forth.  So don’t get the holiday blues this year find A New Direction with Debbie Rosemont and give your Holiday the organization it needs   Happy Holidays from all of us at A New Direction.

    Debbie also has a holiday e-book available:  and check out her holiday BLOG for the Holidays.

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