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Dr. Michael Colburn - Own Your Job - A New Direction Jay Izso

Greater Success by Taking Control of Your Job – Dr Michael Colburn

Michael J Colburn, PHD Own Your Job - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWhen it comes to our jobs often we feel powerless.  Sometimes this occurs because when we work for someone else we believe that we do not have any control over our job.  Then there are those who feel stuck in their job, they feel as if they cannot move up or go anywhere.  They blame their boss, blame the management, ,blame the ownership, they blame others in general for their lack of motivation or the reason they are in the place they are.  The fact is if you feel this way you have lost control of your job.  If you want to truly be successful and achieve greater things then you need to “Own Your Job”  and that is what Dr. Michael Colburn will teach you on this episode of A New Direction, and how to take the power back in your job and own it.

Own Your Job: Five Tools For Self-Management and Accountability by [Michael Colburn]Dr. Colburn, has spent his career working with organization leaders to implement learning and change to improve performance for both the organization and the individual, and that includes you.  Dr. Colburn’s book “Own Your Job: Five Tools For Self-Management and Accountability”  is a book that can and will change you and your job if you apply the principles.  It will start you on the journey to understand that you have the power to control your job, control your future, stop blaming, stop complaining, and start growing.    Get your copy of “Own Your Job” by clicking HERE!

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