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    Selling Ethically for Great Profit - Joel Malkoff - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Ethics, Profits, and Sales - Joel Malkoff - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWhen you hear the word ethics and sales they really don’t sound like they go together.  It is kind of an oil and water thing for most people.  As a matter of fact when it comes to business our colleges and universities don’t even teach ethics of sales.  It is a topic that is rarely if ever discussed and when it is, it’s because someone got into trouble over an ethics violation.

    When you talk to sales people about ethics you will find what is ethical to one is not ethical to another.  When you go to ethics training sessions rarely will they even talk about right or wrong, but that you have to make up your own mind.  Finally we have someone who is willing to take a stand on what ethics are and are not.  Someone who draws the line between how a customer is to to be treated, marketed to, and sold to.  His name is Joel Malkoff, and he joins us on A New Direction and after 45 years of selling ethically and over 500 million dollars in generated sales he tells what ethical selling is and is not and how it can lead to greater profit.

    Ethics Sales Greater Profits - Joel Malkoff A New Direction ShowJoel Malkoff‘s book is entitled, “Selling Ethically: A Business Parable Connecting Integrity with Profits“.  The book is in fact a parable about a man named David King who goes before a heavenly court to determine if he has been ethical.  Example after example is presented with interesting twists.  The reader is left with great nuggets of wisdom and a direct understanding of what is right and not right when it comes to sales.  One major take away that you will get from Joel is that we need to rewrite “let the buyer beware”, but “let the seller beware he must be honest and transparent”.  It is a mind shift away from the responsibility of the buyer to the responsibility of the seller and the sales person to ensure that they are being upfront and fully disclosing.

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