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    Culture Fix - Author Colin D. Ellis on A New Direction with Jay Izso
    Culture Fix - Colin Ellis
    Author Culture Strategist Colin Ellis talks Culture Fix for Business

    In a survey of 1400 American business it was cited that 92% of executives said that cultural change was critical and a driver to increase their company’s values.  Yet only 16% said their culture is where it needs to be.  It is not surprising.  When it comes to business culture we talk a good talk, but we do little to address it.  The fact is our behavior does not match our words and chances are all the cute little mottos, mission statements, value words, and vision are pretty meaningless.  They are just words because they sound great, but very few if any are put into practice by the CEO or other C-suite leaders so what do you expect your people do?  Exactly…the same thing…nothing.

    Book - Culture Fix - Colin Ellis
    Fix your culture in your business for more profit and productivity

    The research has made it clear time and time again that having the right culture in your business is important, so why do we neglect it, ignore it, or say we don’t have the time for it?  Well those are questions for Cultural Strategist and Business Culture Expert Colin D. Ellis as he joins us in this episode of  A New Direction (AND).  Colin will take us through the research, the trials and tribulations of creating a culture, but also demonstrate to us that a consistently great culture makes the business more profitable in a variety of different ways.

    Colin’s book the Culture Fix: How to Create a Great Place to Work will take you through what culture is, what it takes to create it, the type of culture you may be in, and the six pillars to change it, and then follows it up with how do you make culture truly stick.  Culture fix is a fun witty research example filled read.  In every chapter, if that is what you would like to call them, Colin gives a brief summary and action steps you can take to start changing your culture right now.  Culture Fix is one of the most comprehensive practical guides on culture change on the market.  And if you are looking to change something in your business and do not want to spend the money well as Colin would suggest “fix your culture”.  As I would say, get a copy of Culture Fix.

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