Finding Your Authenticity that Leads to Your Purpose

    Randy Adkins Jr - Produce on Purpose - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    You Need to Find Your Authenticity to Find Purpose

    Randy Adkins Jr - Speaker - HomeThe famous sociologist Erving Goffman in his dramaturgical theory suggested that we are all actors on a stage, and we wear masks so people will perceive us the way we want them to perceive us.

    In today’s world and the party that is social media we see more masks as people present themselves behind screens where we often will not see the truth of who they are.

    And if we cannot be true to who we are, that is, be authentic, then how can we truly live our purpose? The answer is we cannot.

    So many of us do not live a life with purpose, much less on purpose. We simply go through life as if it is purposely living from one vacation to the next.

    Isn’t it time we lived a life of purpose on purpose? To help us understand how we might do that, we bring in best-selling author Randy Adkins Jr. on this episode of A New Direction. JOIN US Right HERE…and start living your life on purpose.

    Image result for produce on purpose bookRandy Adkins book, “Produce on Purpose: Experience Life Being the Real You” is a spiritual and deep look at how your authenticity leads to your purpose.

    At the end of each chapter Randy asks some deeper questions to help you along the journey to discover who you really are and what you are created to do.

    The big AHA moment is when you realize that you will have a difficulty discovering your purpose if you do not live authentically from your true self.

    The book uses the analogy of going to a masquerade party where we all where masks and Randy helps us to remove them and set us on the path.

    Like so many people in today’s society we are not comfortable in our own skin.  And thanks to the like of social media, we feel pressure to be someone else than we truly are.

    Once we live authentically, then pursuing purpose becomes easier, as we are able to look at our God give natural talents, gifts, and abilities that lead to what our mission is and live it intentionally.

    Truly an inspiring book, and one that truly begs the questions, “what is life really about and what is my place in it”?

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