Finding the Career that Fits You – Dr. Alan Patterson

    Alan Patterson Part 3 - Work With A Purpose- A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Dr. Alan M. Patterson - Finding a Career that Fits You - A New Direction with Jay IzsoLet’s be honest there are many people that are in careers and jobs they hate. They are stuck because they feel like they cannot get out. The amount of money the make keeps them locked in and manipulated to stay in a job that they dread. Is there a way out? Can you really find a job and career that you love? Do you have to play the game of climbing the corporate ladder to really get ahead. The answer is “no”. There is another way. And on this episode of A New Direction Dr. Alan Patterson returns to talk about the 5 critical steps to finding that career that fits who you are.

    Burn Ladders. Build Bridges.: Pursuing Work with Meaning + PurposeDr. Patterson’s book is entitled “Burn Ladders. Build Bridges.: Pursuing Work with Meaning + Purpose“.  This book is a short no nonsense book that will help you get out of the career that you hate and dread, and find and create the fits you.  Burn Ladders, Build Bridges is not some short cut method.  It starts with you taking responsibility for your attitude effort, and resiliency.  

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