Find Your Competitive Advantage – The Strategy Mindset 2.0 – Dr. Chuck Bamford

    Dr. Chuck Bamford - The Strategy Mindset 2.0 - A New Direction Show with Jay Izso

    Dr. Chuck Bamford, The Strategy Mindset 2.0 on A New Direction with Jay IzsoWhen it comes to business strategy  we are often confused.  We have a tendency to believe in myths like “Our brand is our strategy” or “Our people are our strategy” or “we do SWOT analysis”, but none of those are really a strategy much less a competitive advantage.  Sometimes we jump ahead when it comes to our strategy and we decide to write a mission statement, which in reality should be about the strategy and how we will implement it daily, but typically mission statements are way to long, no one in the business actually knows what it means, or is nice sounding, but in reality does not drive the day to day business operations.  For many businesses they fall into the trap of not really knowing their competition and then decide arbitrarily that they have a competitive advantage when the reality is your competition is doing the same thing which is not a competitive advantage at all.  We need a better way.

    The Strategy Mindset 2.0 - Dr. Chuck Bamford on A New Direction with Jay IzsoFortunately for you and your business, professional business strategist Dr. Chuck Bamford joins  us on A New Direction to bring some order and clarity to the business strategy process both in terms of developing a strategy and how you and your business should implement that strategy.   All the information is based on his highly acclaimed book “The Strategy Mindset 2.0: A Practical Guide To The Design and Implementation of Strategy“.  The Strategy Mindset is more than just a guide, it is one of the most comprehensive business playbooks to make your business flourish.  Dr. Bamford takes you through step by step to understand how to create a competitive advantage, compare that to your competition, determine if it has real value to your customer, make it part of your on going and changing mission, get everyone on board implementing it, and identifying and finding your perfect customer.  The Strategy Mindset is for anyone in profits or non-profits, C-suite professionals, entrepreneurs, those thinking about starting a business, members of board of directors, investor and more.  The process is even complete with suggested metrics on how to ensure you are truly employing the strategy.  Get ready because The Strategy Mindset is truly a business changer!

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