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    Financial Advice that Will Transform Your Life - Eric Weir A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Erik Weir - Financial Advice that Will Transform Your LifeAre you struggling financially? Do want to be more financially successful?  It doesn’t seem to matter how much money you make or don’t make your financial well being is always of concern. However, it seems more people are concerned about having enough money. For many, they worry about money. They worry about paying the bills, taking care of their family, getting to do the things they want to do, or even retire. What if your money problems could be solved by changing your mindset? What if you could discover the things that are holding you back that are keeping you from being financially successful? In this episode of A New Direction, Film producer, International Investor, and Wealth Advisor to Celebrities and Professional Athletes Erik Weir joins me to talk about how to put you on the transformational path to financial success from his book “Who’s Eating Your Pie?

    Who's Eating Your Pie?: Essential Financial Advice that Will Transform Your Life: Weir, Erik: 9781637630556: BooksThis is perhaps one of the best books on financial transformation I have ever read. Erik Weir’s Who’s Eating Your Pie is more than a book on building financial wealth, it is building wealth of living a better life.  Building a personal life, building your significant relationship, building a more fit physical you, building your faith, and so much more!  The fact is the biggest culprit Who’s Eating Your Pie is YOU!  Your mindsets, your decisions, you control how wealthy you are going to be in any area of your life.  Don’t blame the world, don’t blame your circumstances, get control of your life, get control of your self-sabotage, get control of your self-talk and build the wealth you could always have built and were meant to build.

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