Entrepreneurship The Disney Way – Michael Goldsby

    Are you an entrepreneur? Have you thought you would like to become an entrepreneur? How would you like to run your business like Walt Disney? Michael Goldsby Ph.D.
    (Chief Entrepreneurship Officer, Executive Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise, at Ball State University.) and Rob Matthews Ph. D. have written a book “Entrepreneurship The Disney Way” that can help you with every one of these questions.

    There is no doubt that Walt Disney was a special entrepreneur. Artist, Scientist, Builder, and Evangelist. Overcoming one obstacle after another that transformed him and Disney as a company. As Dr. Michael Goldsby discusses in this episode of A New Direction that we all have those the same qualities, but perhaps not as fully developed as Walt Disney had. But we can develop them. To find out how you can determine your Entrepreneur Leadership Style you can take the Entrepreneur Leadership Instrument by going to www.elprofile.com

    Entrepreneurship The Disney Way is truly two books in one filled with 30 applicable lessons that you can apply to your life, business, and yes even your career. The first half of the book is a thorough examination of the entrepreneurial life of Walt Disney the second half of the book is post Walt and how the Disney name continues to maintain its success more than 50 years after Walt Disney’s death. This episode is worth listening to over and over again.

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