Energy and the 7 Levels That Determine Your Success

    Rebecca Ahmed - The Energy of Success - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    Your Energy Determines Your Success

    Rebecca Ahmed - The Energy of Sucess - A New Direction Show with Coach Jay IzsoEvery single day we bring some sort of energy in to our work place, home, and every conversation.

    Our energy is rarely if ever neutral. In fact, it typically is either destructive, or constructive. And that energy comes at different levels.

    But…what if we could harness the constructive energy, and understand that even destructive energy could have a place and purpose?

    And what if we could control the right level of energy that could powerfully influence productivity, change a habit, and increase motivation? Would that interest you?

    Well on this episode of A New Direction Best-Selling Author Rebecca Ahmed joins to talk about her latest book The Energy of Success.

    It’s so good and you are going to walk away with knowledge and tools you never had before.

    Hardcover The Energy of Success: Power Up Your Productivity, Transform Your Habits, and Maximize Workplace Motivation BookRebecca Ahmed’s book, “The Energy of Success: Power Up Your Productivity, Transform Your Habits, and Maximize Workplace Motivation” is a fantastic read.

    The book is an eye opener, as it helps the reader become more self-aware of what type of energy you are bringing into the lives of others, as well as, what level of energy are you using.

    The fact is your energy is either destructive or constructive.  And depending on your level of constructive energy you may not be as constructive as you could be.  Meaning you have some limitations.

    As Rebecca Ahmed walks us through the 7 levels of energy from “Safety” to “Climax” we find that we all are in a constant state of growth should we choose to level up, or we can remain stagnant in our energy level and never achieve the level of success we have the potential for.

    The book is an outstanding read, full of practical guidance on how to level up your energy.  Order your copy  of The Energy of Success right here!

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