Empowering Today’s Youth to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders – LEAP – Dr. Bill Dorfman

    We need to be honest with ourselves when it comes to tomorrows leaders. It is our responsibility to teach them, to train them, to guide them, to ultimately mentor them. Many times we look at this next generation and instead of running to our responsibility we run from it, by making excuses and rationalizations about them. Like the grown ups we are we call them names, “entitled”, “lazy”, “lack of loyalty”, “no work ethic”, etc. Like those names and labels will in someway change them. Perhaps there is a different way we should approach this next generation.

    Enter on this episode of “A New DirectionDr. Bill Dorfman DDS, many of you will know him as the dentist to the celebrities, the dentist to the movie stars, you may have seen him on “Extreme Makeover” or sometimes sitting on the panel on the TV show “The Doctors”. But what he is most passionate about is his foundation called LEAP. It is a week long Leadership and Skills Development Camp for young people between the ages of 15 and 25. LEAP which stands for (Leadership Excellence Accelerating Potential) is for those young people who truly want to learn the skills, and have the knowledge to make a real difference in the future of our world.

    Once a year for a week 450 young people from countries all over the world gather together at LEAP, at UCLA’s campus, to learn to be better leaders, and practical skills such as goal setting, networking, how to interact appropriately with others, how to win over an interview, applying to college, applying to your first job and so much. The speakers that speak during the conference are some of the best known and successful names in the world, like Apollo Ono, Michael Strahan, Eva Longoria, Mark Wahlberg, just to name a few. The beautiful thing about this camp is for less than $2500 you room and board, all your meals, and all the materials are covered for the week. There are even scholarships available. This years LEAP camp is July 21-27 and they still have spaces available, if you want your daughter or son to have the leadership experience of a life time and become the leaders you have always dreamed they would be… please go to www.leapfoundation.com

    Here is the greatest point that we learn from Dr. Dorfman. We all can mentor our youth and help them become leaders. YOU do not have to have your own foundation like LEAP. YOU just have to take some time to help young people grow. It happened for Dr. Dorfman, and it happened for me, we all can be a part of helping today’s young people emerge into tomorrow’s leaders.

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