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Empowered Living: Author Tori Eldridge – AND12

Image result for tori eldridgeHave you ever felt like you just needed to be empowered to soar?  Empowerment starts with you!  Meet Tori Eldridge @ToriEldridge

She is 5th degree Blackbelt Ninja, Actress, Singer, Dancer, has been on Broadway, TV and more!  She is the ultimate renaissance woman who is author of a fantastic book entitled Empowered Living:  A Guide to Physical and Emotional Protection.  But don’t let the title fool you, the book is so much more than the title.  The book is a practical guide to living your life and living it fulfilled and free of our own self destruction and dysfunction.

In Episode 12 of AND Tori and I discuss the power of confidence, how men and women are wired differently for different purposes, the positive and negative side of fear and more!  You will want to listen to this episode over and over again!

Tori’s book:  Empowered Living is available on Amazon Kindle.

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To contact, reach of follow Tori:

Tori’s Website:  www.torieldridge.com

Twitter:  @torieldridge

LinkedIn:  Tori Eldridgeh

Facebook:  Tori Eldridge




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