The Empowered Job Search – Cathy Wasserman & Lauren Weinstein

    Cathy Wasserman & Lauren Weinstein - The Empowered Job Search - Jay Izso A New Direction Podcast

    Cathy Wasserman & Laruen Weinstein - The Empowered Job Search - A New Direction with Jay IzsoWhen it comes to our job search we often get the same old tired advice.  Many job search professionals will want to focus on your resume, cover letter, or your network.  And while those things have value we often miss the most important element in our job search…YOU.  As our authors Cathy Wasserman and Lauren Weinstein on this episode of A New Direction describe it, “we can have a tsunami of emotions”.  Those emotions coupled with our mindset will affect our motivations.  Then add to that your values and beliefs, and your unmet needs and the the job search can become so overwhelming that you simply say forget it.

    The Empowered Job Search: Build a New Mindset and Get a Great Job in an Unpredictable World by [Lauren Weinstein, Cathy Wasserman, Rebecca Pollock, Jill Amack]This is where Cathy Wasserman & Lauren Weinstein’s book “The Empowered Job Search” becomes a complete and total psychological and practical tool kit for you to get YOU in order so you can find that great job.  Whether you have been laid off looking for a new job, fired and looking, graduating school and need to find a job, or making a career change, “The Empowered Job Search” will help you.  This book has exercises and questions that will help you identify what you really want and need in your next job, dealing with your emotions, getting clear on your must-haves and deal breakers, and yes, resumes’ and cover letters are discussed as well…and rather than call it networking they discuss building a community.  The book is outstanding and the show speaks for it self.  Give it a lesson and if you know someone who needs some help finding a job share the show with them.

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