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    Judd Weisgal The Power of Employee Recognition A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Judd Weisgal, Employee Recognition, ROI, Selling to Multi-generations - A New Direction with Jay IzsoOne of the greatest gifts we can give our employees is recognize them for what they do for your company. But you want to do it right.  That year end recognition ceremony where you hand out the plaques is just not working.  So what kind of recognition works?  And how can you as a business owner, CEO, or manager get ROI from your recognition programs? 

    Then we have another problem…today in most companies we have a multi-generational workforce. And each generation has a different idea about what appropriate recognition is. Which also leads us to how do you sell your product or service to different generations.  And since you probably have a multi-generational sales force how do  you lead them?

    In this episode of A New Direction Senior Vice President of Madison Performance Group Judd Weisgal, who sells, develops and implements recognition programs to Fortune 500 companies, helps understand how to recognize and incentive employees, and gives his insights on how to sell to corporations and individuals.  He also gives his insights into understanding how to recognize and incentive multi-generational teams.  And in the last segment Judd give his expert advice on how to a lead multi-generational sales team.  Powerfully insightful show!

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