Employee Grief: What Leaders Must Do – The Dying Art of Leadership – Guy and Anthony Casablanca

    Guy and Anthony Casablanca - Grief and Leadership - A New Direction - Jay Izso

    Guy Casablanca - Welcome to GriefLeadersDid you that more than 17,000,000 employees this year will experience some sort of loss that will lead to their grief?  Meaning that 47,000 employees today are walking into work in grief having experienced some tragic loss in their life.  Did you also know that grief costs companies around $75 Billion in productivity loss a year.  The fact is friends our leadership is failing those who grieve in our businesses.  Most businesses have some sort of a bereavement policy, but what is it 3 days?  I cannot imagine losing a child, or the love of one’s life and expect to be back at work, much less be at the same productive rate prior to my loss.  If you are in

    Anthony Casablanca - Leadership Training on Employee Grief | Grief Education | Impact of Grief | Keynote Speaker - GriefLeaders LLC | LinkedIn leadership and you have any thoughts in your head like, “well, that’s the policy”, or “they need to

    suck it up”, or “that’s not my problem”…then you as a leader are the problem.  We can do better dealing with those stricken by grief due to tragic loss, and honestly we must do better!  In this episode of A New Direction we are joined by two brothers, Guy and Anthony Casablanca.  Guy is a licensed mortician and funeral director, and Anthony is a Leadership trainer and consultant.  Together they have formed a powerful team to help us lead our employees while they are in grief.

    The Dying Art of Leadership: How Leaders Can Help Grieving Employees Excel At Work by [Anthony Casablanca, Guy Casablanca]Guy and Anthony have written what I consider to be the quintessential book  on leadership and grief entitled, “The Dying Art of Leadership: How Leaders Can Help Grieving Employees Excel at Work“.  This is an absolute must read for every leader regardless of leadership role in the company.  It should be read by every business coach and consultant to better advise their clients.  It should be read by every employee as a tool to evaluate the company they work  for.  The fact is we will ALL experience grief from tragic loss, and how leadership handles it will tell you all you need to know about the people that lead and the organization they represent.  The Dying Art of Leadership contains even such practical things as “what and what not to say to those in grief”, “the do’s and don’ts of leading a grieving employee”, and so much more.  Get yours here!

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