Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire – Beverly Lessard

    Beverly Lessard Author Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire on A New Direction with Jay Izso

    You may be thinking to yourself, I am to young to retire.  Wait!  Perhaps right now you are not thinking about retiring.  But regardless of your age you should think about it.  Most of us have dreams of one day stop working and do the things we want to do.  Maybe it’s traveling, playing more golf, spending more time with a hobby, volunteering, serve full time in missions or the ministry.  Sure you think about the financial needs it may take to retire, but how about your emotions.  Have you thought about the adjustments you will have to make?

    In this episode of A New Direction writer and multiple published author Beverly Mann Lessard talks to us about some of the things you should consider before you retire.  Beverly took it upon herself to conduct research with hundreds of people, researching famous individuals thoughts on retirement and her own experience in her book, “Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire”.  The book is an eye opening read, and will give you several things to consider.  You will undoubtedly fall into one of three groups, the “Never Ready”, the “Always Ready” and the “Will Be Ready” to retire.  Yet it does not matter which group you think you may be in right now, life has a way of changing our plans.  Beverly is a great guest, “Are You Emotionally Ready to Retire” is a quick read, and the show will make you really think about your future.

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