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    Eliminate Your Fear - Fearless Leadership - Alan Weiss - A New Direction

    Alan Weiss - Fearless LeadershipFear.  So often we do not want to admit it.  But as long as we are human we will fear.  But what about fear when it comes to leadership?  Can a leader afford to be afraid?  A leader may deny their they are afraid, but the truth is their behavior will give them away.  Because no matter how hard you try to deny it or ignore it, fear will rear it’s ugly head in a variety of different ways and flush you out!

    fearless leadership alan weiss
    Overcome Fear – Fearless Leadership – Alan Weiss

    In this episode of A New Direction I have the Internationally known and recognized rock star millionaire consultant and coach Dr. Alan Weiss!  Dr. Weiss has a brand new book out entitled, “Fearless Leadership” and in it he not only address fear, but then he helps you break it down, throw away your baggage and eliminate your fear.  Fearless Leadership is book that is not simply for leaders it is a book that is for anyone and everyone who is trying to move to the next level of their life and do it without that “little guy” on your shoulder telling you “you can’t”.  Fearless Leadership is Home Run for sure!

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