Dealing With Meetings You Can’t Stand – Dr. Rick Brinkman

    Dr. Rich Brinkman - Dealing with Meetings You Can't Stand - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Dealing with Meetings You Can't Stand: Meet Less and Do More: A New Direction with Jay IzsoCEO’s, Owners, Managers, if you think your meetings are awesome you are in DENIAL (Don’t Even kNOw I Am Lying).  The truth is they are tedious, unproductive, and boring.  Most of the people would rather poke themselves in the eye with a fork and go to the hospital than sit in your meetings.  Why?  Because there is no purpose behind most meetings.  They are a waste.  Secondly you demand people to attend who have nothing to do with accomplishing anything, so you are wasting their time.  The fact is you could have sent them a synopsis rather than have them come.  And let’s be honest we are all lying to ourselves that by having meetings we are creating a team.   Thankfully Dr. Rick Brinkman is on this episode of A New Direction to help us get meetings right or possibly not have them at all!  Yes that is exactly what I said…no meetings!

    Dealing with Meetings You Can't Stand: Meet Less and Do More: Brinkman, Rick: 9781259863073: BooksDr. Brinkman’s book entitled “Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand”  is a fabulous insightful look at meetings and why they don’t work and why people hate them.  He then helps clean them up by thinking about them as flying a plane and all the crew members involved.  From the pilot who runs the meeting, to the traffic controllers who make sure the meeting is moving and on point, to the flight recorder who makes certain we are clear on what we met about.  “Dealing with Meetings You Can’t Stand” also deals with the types of people you inevitably will deal with in a meeting, like the “tank”, the “know-it-all”, the “think-they-know-it-all”, the “grenade” and others.   The book is insightful and fun, you will both laugh and start changing your meetings. The Good Manager: Being Great Is Overrated! (Audible Audio Edition): Ralph Peterson, Ralph Peterson, Four-Nineteen Press: Audible AudiobooksMy Co-host for this Episode of A New Direction is Ralph Peterson:  Ralph Peterson, a US Marine Veteran, Sought after speaker, Author, a Management Development Coach, and the CEO and Founder of #1 Virtual Training Center for Housekeeping Managers in Long-Term Care, doesn’t pull any punches.  With 20 years of management training experience, specifically in long-term care, Ralph is the leading expert.  Go to

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