Culture Myths and a New Science of Culture – Dr. David White

    Disrupting Corporate Culture - David White, Phd, A New Direction with Jay Izso

    What You Know About Culture Transformation is Wrong - Interview w/ David White Jr., PhD Ep#79 by SME StrategyThere is so much written on company and corporate culture that it would be impossible to read it all in a life time.  Most of what is written can be classified as “pop culture”.  We often get clever sayings like, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.   But does it really?  To start with what is culture when it comes to a company?  Do we really understand it?  We assume that we control it, but do we really?  Is it made up of values?  Who’s values?  Is it employee well being?  What does that mean?  Can we measure it’s effect on business?  Can we change it?  How?

    With all that has been written the truth is we have more questions than answers.  What is more  the whole field of culture lacks one important dynamic…an empirical scientific approach.  That is why in this episode of A New Direction Cognitive Anthropologist Dr. David G. White enlightens us with his scientific insights about what culture really is and how it can be affected as well as the limitations. Disrupting Corporate Culture: How Cognitive Science Alters Accepted Beliefs About Culture and Culture Change and Its Impact on Leaders and Change Agents eBook: White, Jr, David G.: Kindle StoreDr White’s book  Disrupting Corporate Culture  is more of an academic book.  It is not a lay person’s read, but none-the-less it is an important read when it comes to understanding what culture is.  Dr. White in this episode helps us break down the jargon, move from the academic view and helps us get a perspective of how we are thinking about culture in the wrong way, dispels the myths and gives us insight into how are brains create culture.    So forget what you thought you knew about company culture, because the science of Disrupting Corporate Culture is about open your eyes as to what it really is and the difficulties in changing it.

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