Creating a Business Culture You can Measure – The Critical Few – Gretchen Anderson

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    Gretchen Anderson

    Today we devote a great amount of time talking about “business culture”. You may have recognized you need to change in your culture…but how? On this episode of A New Direction culture change, real culture change requires a long term approach.

    Gretchen Anderson @gbrooksanderson is a Director at the Katzenbach Center at PwC’s Strategy& and co-author with Jon Katzenbach of The Critical Few: Energize Your Company Culture by Choosing What Matters

    The Critical Few

    Gretchen will walk you through as a coach and consultant how to move your company culture from company culture traits, finding authentic informal leaders that can transform your business, and develop the keystone behaviors that can begin transforming your company.

    The whole point of all this is determining each step of the way, what are the “Critical Few“. What makes The Critical Few and this interview so special is Gretchen also talks about how by identifying these critical few behaviors we now have a measurable process by with we can see the effectiveness of culture change on your business!

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