Create Your Success: Decide Your Future – Cie Allman-Scott Ph.D.

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    cie allman scottWe live in a world today that makes it easy to blame others for our success or lack of success.  Most people want to believe that somehow those with great success have been given a break, or they have been born into privilege and that is the reason why they are successful.  However, the facts are that the overwhelming percentage of successful people are self made.  So what do these self-made successful people have that others don’t?  Nothing really, except…they make better decisions.  Learning to make decisions is not something to take for granted, because as Dr. Cie Allman-Scott tells us every decision no matter how small builds on itself.  if we are not careful with the small decisions soon they can loom to create consequences that we never wanted.

    Decide Your Future: Write, Direct and Star in Your Life by [Scott, Dr. Cie Allman]Dr. Cie, as she is called, joins us on A New Direction to talk about her book DECIDE YOUR FUTURE.  The book is full of inspiration, practical application, research, heart, encouragement, and empowerment.  Dr. Cie enlightens us to the research as to why we are motivated to make poor decisions and then gives a practical 7 step process to help us make a far better decisive choice.  DECIDE YOUR FUTURE delves in to why we procrastinate, how complaining solves nothing, why laziness kills our success, and taking responsibility for our own emotions, confidence and self-esteem.  DECIDE YOUR FUTURE is a book that will lead you to greater success in your life, your career, and your business…I guess you could say it will definitely give you A NEW DIRECTION.

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