Craft Your Own Career on Your Terms – BE-EDGE Strategy – Dr Julia Ivy

    Dr. Julia Ivy, Northeastern University and Jay Izso on A New Direction

    Julia Ivy |  On A New Direction with Jay IzsoWhat if I told you that you can actually craft your own career?  Meaning what if you could put your passions, gifts, talents, and desires together and actually create the career you were looking for?  Would you be interested if the career you wanted could be had?  What if I told you that there is a demonstrated method that has helped students, veterans, and mid-career people get the job they had always hoped for?  But you better be ready, because it will take commitment and internal self motivation.  No longer do we have to hunt for that job, you create it!

    Crafting Your Edge for Today's Job Market available on AmazonIn this episode of A New Direction Julia Ivy, PhD joins us to talk about her method of helping people create the career they always wanted and do it on their terms.  The method is called the BE-EDGE method and the book is entitled “Craft Your Edge for Today’s Job Market“.  Dr. Julia Ivy explains what BE-EDGE is and gives a quick overview of how it works and how she has been able to help more than 150 people create their own career.  Dr. Ivy even talks about how in our current marketplace there is a significant opportunity to use the BE-EDGE to gain employment during the CoVid-19 CoronaVirus pandemic.  This is an enlightening show and “Craft Your Edge for Today’s Job Market” is a helpful guide.

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