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    Bill treasurer and Jay izso

    Bill TreasurerHow are you about doing something new in your job or your life?  Little scary?  Do you focus on the consequences or the possibilities?  How about the issue of trust?  Do you really have the courage that it takes to trust others in your life or your business?  Of do you distrust and control?  And how about really telling the truth?  Are you a closed mouth yes person at your job?  You know the one who complains quietly with your colleagues, but has a smile on their face and agree with everything your manager says, because you truly fear if you object you will be fired?

    If you said yes to any of these question chances are you are in need of some courage.  And that leads us to this weeks guest on A New Direction, best selling author, speaker, and CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer…love that) of Giant Leap Consulting Bill Treasurer.  Bill Treasurer has been speaking with and helping people for decades learn how to bring real courage to the workplace.

    Bill’s best selling book is entitled “Courage Goes to Work“.   Bill reveals for us the three buckets of courage we all need to lead and become more successful.  TRY courage, TRUST courage, and TELL courage.  He walks us through examples and encourages us how we can be better in all these areas of courage.

    But wait!!!  There’s more!  Bill reveals a fourth bucket of courage not in the book.  You will want to listen to the show to find out the fourth bucket that we all deal with from time to time.  Only on A New Direction.

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