Mega-Bad: Consumers No Longer Motivated to Like Facebook Business Pages

    I have talked and written about the death of the Facebook Business Fan Page.  It has since then taken a life of its own as more and more people have said, “yeah, it is pretty much over”.  Even Facebook admitted that they were reducing the number of people who would ever see your post from your page.

    Now let’s move our attention away from our business and put on the person who would potential like your page…hopefully your future client also known as the consuemr.

    Do consumers really have any motivation to like your page?

    Answer: No

    Consumer have been conditioned to “opt in” and “opt out” in online environments.  When they “opt-in”  they expect to receive or see something from the business.   Facebook in their wisdom has decided that the consumer does not know what they want so even though the consumer “opted-in” to “Like” your page…they will not be allowed to see your business page on their News Feed except very rarely.  Facebook evidently missed the consumer psychology class on “psychological reactance”

    Basically it means, when the consumers freedom of choice is or is perceived to be taken away they take actions, sometimes unknowingly, to regain their freedom, in the consumer psychology literature it is referred to “Psychological Reactance”.  So how will consumers react?

    First, they start unliking the pages they currently have.  It no longer makes any sense to like something only to have to search for it later.  Why like it at all?  If I want to find the page to see your content…the consumer will just go to it.

    Second, not liking pages in the future…what reason does the consumer have basically none.

    Third, employ 3rd party filters and programs that block all paid advertising and pages (see F.B. Purity)

    This is how the consumer regains their freedom.  It may be conscious and intentional…sometimes it is unconscious and automatic.

    What do you do?

    Focus on your personal page when it comes to Facebook.

    We all know that at the very heart of Facebook motivations it is all about personal relationships.


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