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    Lisa J. Koss Coaching CoachersCoaching is an industry all to itself.  It happens to be that I too am a part of the coaching industry.  But have you ever considered developing your own coaching within your business.  What if you could take your managers and make them coaches?  What if you could create peer to peer coaching and help your people not only succeed, but thrive, and create a sense of deeper loyalty.  On today’s edition of A New Direction Professional Coach and Consultant Lisa J. Koss starts coaching your people to be coaches to your people. Leading for Learning: How Managers Can Get Business Results through Developmental Coaching and Inspire Deep Employee Commitment (9780367534837): Koss, Lisa J.: BooksLisa Koss has written a tool box book for coaching hour people to be coaches entitled “Leading for Learning: How Managers Can Get Business Results through Developmental Coaching and Inspire Deep Employee Commitment”  The book literally takes you through the step by step process and offers practical tips with scripts how to turn your managers or your people into coaches that can coach your people to success.  “Leading for Learning” is also a leadership book that will inspire confidence in your people and your company.  Make sure you reach out to Lisa and connect with her on LinkedIn.

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