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    Gary Heil Leadership Choose Love Not FearAre you someone in leadership?  Well the truth is we all are leaders in some way.  So much has been written about leadership.  How to be a good leader.  How to be a more effective leader.  It seems however, when it comes to leadership and philosophies of leadership so many say very similar things.  As leaders we often are looking for the “golden carrot”.  You know that thing that we can waive around that will induce our employees or people to be motivated to follow and be committed.  However, rarely is it stated that loving your people can be an extremely and perhaps the most effective way to lead.  WORD OF CAUTION: Just because we say “love” does not mean being “soft”.  As a matter of fact when you truly love your people you expect discipline and accountability.

    Choose Love Not Fear Leaders that unleashes Human PotentialCo-author Gary Heil (pronounced HILE) joins us on this episode of A New Direction.  Gary and his son Dr. Ryan Heil have written a book that will challenge your belief system when it comes to leadership “Choose Love Not Fear: How the Best Leaders Build Cultures of Engagement and Innovation that Unleash Human Potential.”  Gary and I discuss what is leadership of love, we also talk about the age old question…How do you motivate your employees? (You may be surprised by the answer).  Gary also shares with example after example of the different businesses and business people he has coached and consulted.  He also talks about how much he learned from Dabo Swinney the Champion head football coach of the Clemson Tiger football program and how that influenced him in understanding why when you Choose Love and Not Fear that it is a recipe for champions.  So much to learn and so much to glean from Gary, the book and the show!

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