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    Somi Arian - Career Fear - How to beat it - A New Direction - Jay Izso

    Somi Arian - Career Fear And How to Beat it - A New Direction Jay IzsoHere are the facts we are in a revolution where artificial intelligence (AI), digital spaces, and technology are speedily influencing our world.  So much so that even a seemingly sound career is being affected dramatically.  In many cases jobs and careers that were done by humans have been replaced by computers.  We are also seeing that many positions salaries have decreased as machines replace humans.  What do we do?  For some people there is denial, they simply do not believe it is possible for them to lose their career to a computer.  For some they believe that the answer is to become a “social media influencer”, but the ugly truth is that you cannot even buy a Starbucks coffee with your vast number of followers, or the number of likes from our social media posts.  And then there are some who, and perhaps rightful so are in fear and are stuck not knowing what to do.  In this episode of A New Direction we are joined by tech transition expert Somi Arian, and she is going to help you navigate the waters of success in your career in this ever fast changing AI digital tech revolution.

    Somi Arian‘s book is entitled “Career Fear: And How to Beat It – Get the Perspective, Mindset and Skills You Need to Futureproof your Work Life”.  In Somi’s outstanding book she provides perspectives solidified by research to get you to critically think how you can first survive this technological surge and then how to thrive.  Rather than be in denial, try something futile, or simply live in fear, she offers some practical mindset and behavioral actions that you can take to start right now preparing for the changes that are inevitable.  As you listen to this show, you will be surprised how this millennial will challenge you, coax you, and encourage you that there truly is hope, but it is fully up to you to start making those changes.  This is a powerhouse show, with a powerful message not only for your career, but also for your life.

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