Your Business Plan is a Military Mission – Michael Penney

    Your Business Plan is a Military Mission - 5 Paragraph Business Plan - Michael Penney - A New Direction Show - Jay Izso

    MICHAEL J. PENNEY 5 Paragraph Business PlanLet’s say you are in the middle of a war.  You have an enemy that wants to destroy you.  Not only do they not care about you they want to take everything from you.  How do you go about your mission to defeat the enemy?  Do you just wake up one morning and figure it out as you go?  Do you find a bunch of people you think can help you and go and attack?  What do you need?  What does the enemy have?  How many of them are there?  What are the conditions?  What are the pitfalls?  What are your assets?  The fact is if you are going to be successful in a military mission you have to answer a whole number of questions before you start.  And that is the way we should be thinking about our business. Shouldn’t we treat our business and business plan the same way?  Michael J. Penney doesn’t just believe so…he is convicted by it!

    Workbook - 5 Paragraph Business PlanIn this episode of A New Direction author and creator of the 5 Paragraph Business Plan Michael Penney takes us through why we need to think of our business as a military mission and apply military tactics.  You say, “that’s too extreme”.  Really?  You have the potential to lose everything!  Why not have business plan that is run like a military mission to give you the best chance of being successful?  Michael J. Penney is a combat Marine veteran.  He knows what it takes to not just survive the enemy, but to come out successful.  In his 5 Paragraph Business Plan you will learn that your enemy is not your competition, it is not people, your enemy is the NEED your potential customers are hoping you will fulfill in your business and business plan.  As Mike and I also talk you may find that as you develop your business plan…you don’t have the right people to help you successfully complete the mission.  And at the end of the day we all want to be able to say one thing in our business…”MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!”

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