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Maureen Metcalf A New Direction with Jay Izso

Be a Better Leader and Transform Your Business – Maureen Metcalf

Maureen Metcalf Leaders and Innovative Transformation on A New Direction with Jay IzsoChange is inevitable, but in today’s world change comes at us at an accelerated pace.  This means that businesses and organizations must be able to transform.  How does a business do that?  Well it starts with the leader.  There must a leader that first must transform before he business can transform.  If I were to ask you the question do you want to be a better leader, your response will probably be “yes”…but what does a better leader look like?  Well it really starts by understanding what “leader type” are you.  Or in another words what is your “Leader Personality Type”?  For most leaders they are probably not even sure what that is.  That’s where Maureen Metcalf can help.

Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations by [Maureen Metcalf]In this episode of A New Direction CEO and Founder of the Innovative Leader Institute and author of “Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations” joins us on today’s show.  Maureen Metcalf walks us through the Five Elements of Innovative Leadership.  A pyramid that helps every leader understand how they need to progress if they want to create innovative transformation in their business or organization.  The very base of the pyramid starts with understanding the “Leader Type” and progresses until we get to the more specific “Leader Behaviors” needed to constructively make a transformation.  Innovative Leaders Guide to Transforming Organizations will challenge you, it will really make you think about who you are and what you need to transform in yourself, before you can make an impactful transformation in your business or organization.

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2 thoughts on “Be a Better Leader and Transform Your Business – Maureen Metcalf”

  1. Thank you, Jay for your time and energy in reading this book and offering such thought provoking questions and insights. I really enjoyed our conversation and trust your listeners will benefit from the content!

    1. Thank you Maureen…what a treat to have you on the show and am looking forward to having you back on to dig deeper in to leadership and innovation and transformation.

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