Bend & Break the Rules Like Navy SEALs & Entrepreneurs for Results!

    Marty Strong - Be Different - A New Direction with Coach Jay Izso

    How Navy SEALs and Entrepreneurs Bend & Break the Rules for Results!

    Speaker and Author Marty Strong - How to the Navy SEALs and Entrepreneurs Break, Bend, and Ignore the Rules for Results! A New Direction with Coach Jay IzsoGet a job at any business and the first thing you are told is the rules. “This is how we do things here.”

    As we age we get even more rule oriented. Less dreaming, less risk taking, less creative thinking, and God forbid that you should challenge convention.

    The fact is we are a rules driven society. The fact is those that disagree with you, want to impose their rules on YOU, so you will do as they say and wish.

    And yes the military has a set of established rules, but one thing that may surprise you is when you are in “unconventional warfare” units, like the Navy SEALs you have to take a more unconventional, creative approach. And yes, even at times the rules of warfare are completely thrown out the window.

    How about you? Are you willing to “break” the rules of the game? How about “bend” the rules? Or maybe ignoring them altogether so you can achieve real results?

    On this episode of A New Direction Retired Navy SEAL Marty Strong joins me to get outside of the norm, disrupt standard thinking and embrace change, and bolster creativity.

    Be Different | Marty Strong - How Navy SEALs and Entrepreneurs Bend, Break, or Ignore the Rules to Get Results!Marty’s book, “Be Different: How Navy SEALs and Entrepreneurs Bend, Break, or Ignore the Rules to Get Results!” is a mindset changer.

    Marty Strong takes examples of his different roles as a Navy SEAL combat veteran, and instructor, and his different roles as a Business owner and Entrepreneur and trains us how to start thinking differently.

    And that is the crux of this book.  Think differently, and in order to think differently one must think creatively.

    To begin thinking creatively Marty Strong gives us the history of how it is against our norm to think differently.  We have been conditioned and trained to live by rules, to be obedient.  Not make waves.

    However, it is in our wave making creative thinking where we will find the greatest results.  It is where your profits will be.  It is where life takes on purpose and meaning.

    Marty also cautions however, that when you start thinking differently, and take action on your thinking get ready for “blowback”.  Get ready for the “naysayers”.  Get ready to be shunned.  You will need a thick skin.

    At the end of it all when your thinking and action is different it is where you will find your authenticity and success.  I highly recommend this book!

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