Avoiding The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes – Patrick Burke

    Patrick Burke - The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - A New Direction with Jay Izso

    Patrick Burke - The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - A New Direction with Jay IzsoOwning your own business is exciting.  However, when you choose to own your own business you are responsible to make the decisions.  And this is where business mistakes happen…in the decision making process.  It has been said that in the game of golf that the one thing a professional golfer does that an amateur does not do, is they know how to avoid the mistakes.  This of course makes them more successful.  If you could avoid the business mistakes that so many business owners and entrepreneurs make what do you think your chances of success would be.  Certainly greater.  Fortunately for us Patrick Burke who has worked with more the 200 entrepreneurs and companies is going to help you avoid “The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes” joins us on this episode of A New Direction.

    The !0 Biggest Business Mistakes and How to Avoid Them - Patrick BurkePatrick Burke’s book is a no nonsense, get directly to the point book that looks at what his experience has shown him as the most common and crushing business mistakes.  In “The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes…And How to Avoid Them” Patrick takes through the journey of first exploring the right kind of business for you.  It asks the all important question are you trying to fit in the business or does the business fit you?  He takes us through partnerships, the power of branding, when to sell or not to sell, hiring the right team, culture and more!  “The 10 Biggest Business Mistakes” is a book filled with wisdom that you for sure will want to apply to your business immediately!

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