Avoid Disasters in Business and Life – Never Go with Your Gut – Gleb Tsipursky

    Gleb Tsipurslky and Jay Izso A New Direction

    Image result for gleb tsipurskyWe like to think of ourselves as being pretty smart.  We like to think that we make really good decisions.  We like to think especially in business environments that we use our logical side of our brain more so than the inner emotional brain.  However what the research tells us…we really do not know ourselves as well as we think we do.  In fact as Dr. Gleb Tsipursky explains we are so biased we make most of our decisions with our instincts and emotions.  And that is a problem.

    On this episode of AND Dr. Gleb Tsipursky takes us through his book Never Go with Your Gut: Avoiding: How Pioneering Leaders Make the Best Decisions and Avoid Business Disasters (Avoid Terrible Advice, Cognitive Biases, and Poor Decisions).  We quickly learn that there are over 100 cognitive biases that we have the choice to employ.  And then Gleb gives us example after example of how these glaring biases have destroyed many companies.  And while there are many books written on the subject of cognitive biases, Never Go with Your Gut is the first book to actually discuss how to overcome these cognitive biases.  Listen as Dr. Tsipursky takes us through a few of these biases that we often use, gives us ideas how to over come them and then helps you deal with someone who has these biases and how to help them see the light of their ways.  Something he refers to as EGRIP.  You will get some great insight and few chuckles along the way.  ENJOY!

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