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    Art Johnson the Art of alignment - A new Direction with Jay Izso

    Can you quote your company’s mission statement perfectly?  Are you a leader in your company and can you quote the mission with 100% accuracy?  If you cannot well then, “Houston we have a problem.” And the problem is you and your company are out of alignment.  Your mission statement should be so ingrained that everyone in the company can not only quote it, but they understand that every decision that will be made in the company will be guided by the mission statement.  Clearly if you are going to have alignment you better have a mission statement that is more than some neat phrases and cliche’s it needs to be how you and your company will live and be.  Are you struggling with your mission and alignment?  Well thankfully Art Johnson is here on this episode of A New Direction to help you remove the rocks in the road and get you back aligned

    Art Johnson‘s book “The Art of Alignment” is #2 on the Wall Street Journal Best Seller List.  While the book talks about alignment it is a fabulous eye opener for leaders and leadership.  Because as we all know alignment starts with, and is cultivated, and communicated by the leaders in any organization.  Further Art Johnson gives you the 9 Pillars of Alignment: Mission and Vision, Leadership, Communication, Accountability, Empowerment, Teamwork, Creativity, Best Practices, and Development. The Art of Alignment also takes a look at measurement of these pillars.  Powerful and practical, get your copy today!

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