Actualized Leadership: Meeting Your Shadow & Maximizing Your Potential – William Sparks PhD

    William Sparks and Jay Izso A New Direction
    William L Sparks
    Dr. William Sparks

    I find when it comes to the word “leadership” our eyes and ears tend to perk up.  Most all of us at some point in our life is going to “lead” someone, even if that is only ourselves.  There are as many theories to leadership almost as there are leaders.  So when it comes to books on leadership we either embrace them or we get the attitude of “here we go again, another book on leadership”.  However, within the genre of leadership books you would have a much more difficult time finding a book that instead of focusing on leadership strengths deals with the “dark side” of Leadership.

    Actualized Leadership This week on A New Direction, William L. Sparks PhD has written not only an Amazon #1 Best Selling Leadership book, he has written a book that addresses just that…the “dark side” of leadership.  We need to be honest with ourselves.  The fact is we all have a dark side.  The question becomes how does that darkness effect our leadership.  Because so often we focus on our strengths we neglect to understand that until we deal with our darkness or our “shadow” we are limited in just how effective we can truly be as a leader.  Dr. Sparks helps us navigate through the “fog” and introduces to our “shadow” so that we truly can maximize our potential as leaders.

    Actualized Leadership is a one of a kind book.  Yes, it is steeped with psychology, but Dr. Sparks offers practical psychological guidance how to determine the type of leader you are, what your potential dark side issues are and how to meet them and resolve them.  Actualized Leadership is a book that will more than likely set off all sorts of emotional reactions.  It may anger you, upset you, frustrate you, sadden you, but in the end it will shed light into the darkest part of our person as a leader and help you become the leader that you and the people around always hoped you become.

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