A Simple Path to Financial Peace of Mind

    Are You in a Financial Peace of Mind?

    Michael Gilmore: A Simple Path to Financial Peace of Mind - A New Direction with Jay IzsoLet’s be honest…really honest…we all have either been or are currently concerned about money. We are regularly asking ourselves, “how do I get more of it”, or “am I going to have to live on when I get older?”  And the truth is when it comes to money we often do not have much financial peace.

    Money is one of those issues that affect our everyday lives. It affects the way we feel about ourselves, how we see ourselves, and it often affects our closest relationships…and more often than not negatively.  You may have read books, listened to podcasts, regular radio shows, or been face to face with a financial guru to help you try to understand and grow your finances.  And while those things have benefit most do not address how our financial peace plays a role.

    The fact is we all want financial peace and the freedom that comes with it. We all want to go to bed at night and not have to worry about money. We want to know we can pay the bills, have enough money to handle an emergency, and maybe even some money to enjoy. How do we do that?

    It all starts with your relationship with money. When have you asked yourself questions like, “when I think about money, how does it make me feel?”, “What does money mean to me?” Your relationship with money will largely affect how you save, spend, and earn money.

    In this episode of A New Direction all the way from Singapore (which why the time is different) Michael Gilmore a.k.a. The Seven Dollar Millionaire helps us dig into our mind and discover how we are relating to money that is creating much of our problems with money. If you are ready for some financial peace and freedom…this show is for you!

    Homepage - Seven Dollar MillionaireMichael Gilmore‘s book, “The Little Book of Zen Money: A Simple Path to Financial Peace of Mind” is not only a practical guide on the how you should address your financial situation but addresses the psychological and emotional aspects of money that affect your financial peace and freedom.

    The book has little exercises that if you do them and consider them will help you uncover what your relationship with money is.  But beyond the psychological, The Little Book of Zen Money helps you understand money as a tool.  We don’t think of money as a tool, but the truth is most of us do not know how to use it appropriately and safely.  Like a chainsaw, it is powerful, and can be used for good, but it also can be dangerous.  The Little book of Zen Money gives you the user manual on how to use this powerful tool. So if you are ready for some financial peace and freedom in your life…get your copy of The Little Book of Zen Money!

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