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Why Mavericks?  We are all Mavericks.   We are all unique, and have a unique set of gifts, talents, and abilities that when put together, allow us to find meaning and purpose in a way like no one else.
When I played football in high school and college I had some amazing coaches.  And I learned what great coaches do.  And I follow the same model:
Great coaches study the opponent.  That thing that you are facing.  They learn the challenges.  They look for vulnerabilites and ways to attack the problem to be successful.
Great coaches know you as a player. They know your strengths and weaknesses.  They know how to push you, train you, challenge you and use your strength to best overcome the challenge you are going to face in the opponent that is staring right back at you.
Great coaches instruct you.  They tell you at times what to do, and what not to do.  They are not afraid to step in and correct the wrong behavior, but are the first to cheer you on when you do things the right way.
Great coaches know you personally.  They had to.  Because great coaches know that you cannot separte the person from your job or task.  Whatever is happening on the outside of the field (your perosnal life) is going to affect how you play in the field. (Your Busineess work life)
Great coahes see your potential.   They know how to get the best out of you so you can be your best.  They look deeper, and they are always trying to see you improve and be the best you can be.
And if that is what you are looking for in a coach, then call me 919-369-2121. 
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I look forward to hearing from you…let’s work together to change your world so you can change the world!


Dr Alan P“You better be sitting down for this. Jay Izso is unlike anyone you will ever meet. Everything about him radiates truth and meaning. He grabs you by the mind then goes for your heart. Our conversations were unlike anything I’ve experienced. A week ago he was a stranger. A day ago he was an interviewer. Today, he is my brother. People shouldn’t get this excited by life and engage with link-minded people like Jay unless you’re in good shape. You’re running a marathon and don’t realize it. That’s a good thing. Jay is a pro. Jay is a believer. But more than that, Jay gives a damn. He is interesting, and he is interested. Meet him. Speak to him. Listen to him. When you engage with Jay Izso, you’ll walk away from the conversation smiling. Then again, I’m not so sure you ever walk away once you’ve engaged with him. Your heart will be fuller, and greedily you’ll want more. I promise.”  ~Dr. Alan (Ed.D)

Joelle F“I found myself at a time in my life when I needed direction, guidance, and balance in both my personal and professional life. When I was presented with the opportunity to have Jay as a coach, I jumped at the chance! Jay is extremely personable, insightful, supportive, and inspiring. He has provided exceptional value in his ability to restore my self-confidence, improve my perspective, and teach me more about myself than I have ever known before. I look forward to our conversations every week; I am always excited about what knowledge I will gain and how I can apply it to my daily life. I could not be more grateful to have Jay as a coach and also as a friend.”  ~Joelle (Sales Professional)

Alex LJay is an absolute beast of a COACH! Been coaching me in 2020 and can say I have improved in all 4 areas of my life: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual. Thanks Jay! ”  ~Alex (Sales Professional)

Kim CAs we journey through life we all experience some defining moments that will change our direction. I was at a point where my change was creating chaos and uncertainty. Enter Jay Izso ….. through his patience, expertise and guidance without judgement he has set me on a new exciting path. I look forward to my coaching sessions every week, his skill has improved all aspects of my life and I feel accomplished again. When you need a “New Direction” without hesitation I highly recommend Jay – he lives by his mantra and can help you find your way to the results you are looking for.”  ~Kim (Sales Professional)

“I have worked with Coach Jay on and off since 2011.  He has been with me through two drastically different industries and in each case he has helped me achieve to incredibly high levels.  Working with both my personal life and professional life and keeping a calm and steady demeanor to keep myself anchored, develop me as a better leader, business owner, and overall person.  The lessons I have learned and continue to learn from him have stayed with me and keep me coming back for more.”  ~Eric (Owner/Founder/CEO)

Tom SJay is such a great coach. He takes time to learn about you. He uses his experience and knowledge to get the best out of his clients. Instead of just getting promoted in your job or business, work with Jay and get catapulted to your next level.”  ~Tom (Franchise Business Owner)

oanh THow did I meet Jay? I sort of stumbled upon Jay on LINKEDIN and I hit CONNECT! Then one day at 3am in the morning I woke up and found a message from him and I replied back. We have been inseparable ever since! Right Jay? I call him my guardian angel because he was there when I needed him the most. I thank God daily for bringing us together. He is probably the only coach you will ever need. He will inspire you to do what is necessary to pick your life up and get back on your feet. He will always check up on you to make sure you are not wasting time doing what you shouldn’t be doing! He will REFOCUS you on what matters! TAKE CARE of YOU! He is like the lighthouse that guides a blind boat to safety in the middle of the night. Follow the light… Jay is my light in the night. He is a true professional and easy to talk to. What I like most about Jay is that he sees what I don’t see and is able to point out what I need to fix in my life, so I can get back on track. Sometimes when you are in the midst of a problem you can’t see very clearly. Jay will be your flash light in the dark, so that you don’t stumble along. He will help you cross the finish line when you can’t help yourself. Jay a day keeps the blues away. I didn’t think I needed a life coach until I met Jay. Now I wish I had met him sooner! Imagine where I would be now! ”  ~Oanh (PharmD)

steve eI’ve known Jay for nearly 15 years, first as a neighbor and friend. When I wanted/needed a career/life coach in early 2019, the choice seemed obvious: Jay. I mean I knew the guy, had been following his journey as an author, consultant and coach, and was impressed with what he accomplished. Let me tell you, Jay somehow has managed to exceed my high expectations. While Jay’s abilities as a coach certainly were honed through education and experience, he clearly was born with an abundance of coaching talent. He may be the best listener I’ve ever encountered. Not just that — he has an uncanny skill to play back what you said and add insight and wisdom. I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve said, “Geez, you’re right, I never thought of that.” He is also a very generous spirit and wonderful guy. I am happy to call Jay not just my friend but my invaluable coach.”  ~Steve (Chief Content Writer)

Jay Izso did a guest appearance on one of my Zoom sessions for my competitive gymnasts. He was absolutely fabulous with our athletes. During quarantine, these girls, ranging in ages from 11-18 years old, have faced so much uncertainty and turmoil. We have tried our best to stay connected with them and ease their stress and worries during this time. We connect 4 days a week on Zoom to do workouts and try to keep their minds and bodies strong, but it is just not the same. They are used to being in the gym 16-20 hours a week, with their teammates and coaches. Their future in their sport is unknown and everything they have worked so hard for has been taken away. Enter Jay.

Jay was easy going and approachable right out of the gate. He made the girls and I feel welcome with his great energy, and even added in a few fun jokes to break the ice. He exudes positivity, which is exactly what the girls needed, and to be honest, exactly what I needed too. Jay talked about these troubling times and what it may look like when we are allowed back in the gym. Patience was a huge focus- encouraging these amazing athletes to be patient with not only their bodies, but with their minds too. He focused a lot on the importance of mental visualization and how to get the mind stronger to overcome fear when they return, whether it is fear of failure, fear of skills lost or actual fear of performing their skills. Perhaps my favorite part was when I asked Jay of he had any exercises the girls could do to keep them grounded and positive during the pandemic. He suggested journaling and waking up each morning and writing 5-7 things we are thankful for. Already, some of my athletes have begun this practice and are feeling the positive effects of it. Gratitude is so important and we are so appreciative that he took the time to share this with us.

Jay was just outstanding with these young athletes and I can’t say enough about the impact he had on them. I was a bit concerned because this is not usually his age bracket/target audience. But he nailed it!! He was so relatable and down to earth that the girls really responded to him.

We are so grateful for Jay and the time he took to encourage, uplift and inspire our young female athletes. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to be lifted up emotionally, help dealing with something difficult they are going through, or just to lead a happier and more well balanced life in general!”  ~Jaime (Gymnastics Coach)

Let's Start Coaching!


There are many business owners, founders, CEO’s, COO’s, sales people, administrative people, and broom pushers that are Mavericks. You may very well be in a career that makes great money, and it may align quite well with your talents, personality, passions, and purpose, but you know you could be doing more. You need fresh ideas. Ideas that different, unique, perhaps even off the wall. The maverick inside you may be to tightly fenced in and we need to cut the fences or move them further out so you can freely create, innovate, and ultimately make you and your company more profitable.


First, I know that every maverick is unique. There is not a “one size fits all” system. My coaching style is based on your personality, your strengths and weaknesses, your passions and your purpose. Therefore I have you take a couple of inventories to help you and I discover some of your unique qualities. Then we will spend individual time together understanding your biggest challenges, finding opportunities, and discovering how you can best lead yourself and others to your desired purpose. When we can we like to do this face to face, but we also do weekly phone sessions helping you take more control of you and your career and your future. (click here to schedule your free 30 minute consult).


If you are an owner or CEO of a business we offer specific one on one coaching to help you become a better leader, help you reach your personal and professional goals and your purpose. We help you improve your maverick leadership skills, and offer team training and teamwork sessions to help your people better understand you and how to work with your leadership style best. Our past experience has shown us that as your people understand how you communicate and your maverick ways, they will adjust to you and you ultimately become more efficient and effective with communication, become more profitable, are less stressed, and have a clearer vision of where you ultimately would like to be.


If you are salesperson and a maverick at the same time, chances are you have a difficult time fitting in to the team. Deep down you really are a team player, but because you have a tendency to do your own thing in your own way you are having difficulty being part of the team concept. You may be their top sales representative, and yet you are always being reprimanded, and you may have been let go from the business while at the top of your sales game. I can help you continue to the maverick that you are in your current place of employment, while at the same time, preparing you for your own purpose. We help you understand both your personality, strengths and weaknesses, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of others and how to more effectively communicate across the board allowing you more freedom to do what you do best and be the salesperson you always knew you were.


Perhaps you know you are a maverick and you just want help getting on the path to finding your purpose. You feel like there is more to do with your life than what you are currently doing and yet you do not know quite how to get there. Then you would fit into our “Life Coaching for Mavericks”. Here again, we help you understand your personality, strengths and weaknesses, passions and purpose, and create a roadmap to helping you get there. We do not merely set goals, but we create miles stones that are visible that we can see that indicate to you that you are getting ever closer to the purpose you truly were built to complete.


We typically offer 4 sessions per month per client. Prices vary based on type of coaching, length of sessions, and whether it is face to face or by phone. More sessions per month are always negotiable and the more sessions one purchases the price per session is reduced. We also offer both flat rate monthly fees as well as hourly fees as well. Please make arrangements for your FREE 30 minute consult by (clicking here).